Powerbite About Page

From small fruit trees and a handful of hearty crops in the rough African veld, dramatic climates in the South American rainforest, high peaks on the remote Andean mountains, vast grasslands fields in the European steppes, swampy wetlands in the Indian rivers valleys, amazing Asian coastlines, and wild volcanic Pacific islands, we understood the real impact of mother earth in our lives and decided it was the right time for us to contribute and expose its power to our world.


Nature and essential elements came to our minds, and we just jumped to remote destinations, immersed ourselves into unknown cultures, interacted with all possible races, trying to find the right answer and the best ingredients, to finally understand that we all simply share our love for life and better conditions for the world around us. It begins with each of us, everyday, taking care of ourselves and making the best effort to improve our lifestyle for the ones we love. And so Powerbite was born!


Life Naturals was not a goal, it is a journey; it is not only a product, it is a concept; and we’ll keep working everyday to continue finding answers represented in natural, organic, wild gifts from the earth, connect them to our world and widely expose their unmeasurable benefits into our lifestyles, while understanding that our commitment to quality also contributes to improve the quality of lifestyle within those communities that provide them.