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LifeNaturals - Ginger

Ginger root is the superfood that is there for you where you need it, when you need it. People turn to this when they need to alleviate muscle soreness, lower blood sugars, improve heart and cholesterol health and, of course, for help with indigestion. Health fanatics all over the world consider it part of their everyday regimen for inner body maintenance.

LifeNaturals - Macca

Maca is a very special root, consumed for ages in the central regions of the Andes mountains. The Incas hailed its benefits, using it to improve physical and mental performance. Even their soldiers carried maca root into battle for strength, ferocity, and endurance. Today it’s value lives on and is considered a superfood with high nutritional value and a natural source for strength and endurance.

LifeNaturals - Cacao

Your brain and your body will thank you for incorporating this superfood into your diet. Cacao, also a natural mood elevator and antidepressant, is your perfect addition to a mid-afternoon snack when productivity levels drop. Packing over 40x the antioxidants as blueberries, you can’t go wrong (or feel guilty). All it takes is the satisfaction from a couple tablespoons to stop you from reaching for the salty, sugary junk food at the office or at home.

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Once you get a taste of living life to your full potential, you won’t ever go back. Whether it’s for that advantage from an energy boost to dominate your workday, smarter nutrition for natural bodybuilding, or for overall healthier nutrition, Powerbite makes it easy to include organic superfoods into your diet.


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